Therese is from the beautiful and blustery North West coast of Ireland and can usually be found hugging a computer or other portable electronic device. Therese’s curiosity for computing was sparked whilst she was recovering from several major spinal surgeries as she spent many hours exploring various technologies, and this motivated her to go back to school and study computing, eMedia and digital games.

Therese is the founder of  SilverFish Studios Ltd and Symbio Connect Ltd and she has been very lucky to be involved in the design and creation of games inspired learning technology. Therese also lectures at Ulster University in all things computing.

In her spare time, Therese enjoys photography and cycling, usually around the North West coast and she is very lucky to own an ICE trike that takes the strain off her titanium enhanced back. Therese is married to Dr Darryl Charles and this domain name was a wedding present from him, so you could say they are equally matched in the geek department.

Therese is also the co-founder and volunteer at the Coleraine CoderDojo Club and mentors young kids aged between 10-16yrs old. They have great fun using GameMaker, HTML, Scratch, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BBC Microbits, Lego Mindstorms and much more.